Day of Empathy Day of Action

What You Can Do

In March of 2017, #cut50 held its first #DayofEmpathy, bringing together hundreds of activists, advocates, and partners at state capitols across the nation in support of local and federal criminal justice reform. What started as a national day of action has became a national movement.

We need to keep this movement growing. Here are four ways you can get involved.

#DayOfEmpathy in NY1. Attend an event near you

With empathy, understanding, and love, we can build the political will needed to rectify the damage caused by the incarceration industry on individuals, families, and our society. We are building empathy amongst millions of people across the nation. Join the movement and stand with those impacted by the criminal justice system by attending an event in your area.

#DayOfEmpathy Events

End School to Prison Pipeline

2. Volunteer at an event near you

We plan to have events in all 50 states in 2019 and that kind of on-the-ground organizing effort requires help from hundreds of volunteers.  Sign up to volunteer at an event near you.

#DayOfEmpathy Volunteer Signup

#DayOfEmpathy Partner Organizations3. Partner with #cut50 for the #DayOfEmpathy

On March 5th,2019 organizations and criminal justice advocates across the country will activate for a single day of action to spotlight their local efforts and unite under a unified banner to highlight the strength of the bipartisan criminal justice reform movement. Sign up to be an official #DayOfEmpathy partner

#DayOfEmpathy Partner Organization Signup

Fuel the #DayOfEmpathy Movement4. Fuel the movement

Donate to help bring our campaign to Governors and State Legislatures across the country and create empathy on a massive scale for the millions of Americans behind bars.

Your 100% tax-deductible donation supports #cut50's Day of Empathy campaign.

Fuel the #DayOfEmpathy Movement

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