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We all know that crime hurts communities across America every year.  The Day of Empathy is an opportunity for those impacted to meet with legislators and discuss the pain they’ve experienced as well as the reforms that could be enacted to help the justice system heal those wounds.  

Jessica Jackson Sloan, #cut50 Co-Founder and National Director


On Tuesday, March 5, 2019, state legislators in all 50 states and the federal government will meet with crime survivors, murder victim’s families, law enforcement, families of incarcerated men and women, and formerly incarcerated people to discuss the impacts our criminal justice system has had on their lives.

The national day of action is organized by #cut50, a bipartisan initiative founded by Van Jones and Jessica Jackson Sloan working to make our communities safer while decreasing the prison population. Over fifty state and national organizations will participate in the Day of Empathy in order to reach hundreds of lawmakers.

Meeting directly with representatives and sharing personal stories and experiences, participating organizations and individuals will humanize issues of public safety, criminal justice, and drug addiction/mental illness.

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