Day Of Empathy: Creating a National Network in all 50 States

#cut50 built and coordinated a national Empathy Network, composed of Day of Empathy partners in all 50 states. These partner organizations will act as ambassadors to promote criminal justice reform at each local Day of Empathy event.

How we do this:

  • On March 6th, organizations across the country activate for a single day of action to spotlight their local efforts and unite under a unified banner to highlight the strength of the bipartisan criminal justice reform movement.
  • "Ambassadors of Empathy" meet with elected officials in State capitols and Governors' offices across the country. They share their experiences and how they have been impacted by the criminal justice system. Legislators gain first-hand experience of the human consequences of a criminal justice system that has gotten too big, too unfair, and too brutal.
  • The Day of Empathy features storytelling, digital and traditional media to humanize formerly incarcerated people, survivors of violent crime, and millions of others. By delivering a set of powerful, emotional experiences to lawmakers and fellow Americans, the Day of Empathy accelerates the bipartisan drive to create more effective, efficient, and humane criminal justice system.
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