The Letter - VR

STEP 1: Download LittlStar VR App

  1. Download the LittleStar app on your smartphone:



  2. Search for "The Letter" in Littlstar app.

  3. Plug in your headphones and start playback.

  4. Tap the cardboard icon. You'll notice that the screen splits into two smaller screens.

  5. Insert your phone into Cardboard.

The Letter VR 

One of the first VR experiences that spotlights the incarceration system. Sit down with Shaka Senghor in his Detroit home and retrace his footsteps from the corner he was shot through the 19 years he spent in prison and 7 years in solitary confinement as you embark alongside him on a journey of loss, punishment, hope and redemption. 

Read more about Shaka's story here.

The Letter was written and directed by Jamie Wong, produced by Benefit Studios, and supported by Google. The short film was first previewed in June 2016 at the Democratic National Convention and Truth to Power art space in Philadelphia, PA and premiered at The Atlantic's Race and Social Justice conference.

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