National Day of Empathy 2019

On Tuesday March 5th, the criminal justice reform community across the U.S. will rise up once again for our 3rd annual Day of Empathy.

#FirstStepAct is a "Christmas Miracle"

Van Jones speaks on CNN about the passage of the #FirstStepAct

NowThis Opinion

TIDAL teams up with Van Jones, Louis L. Reed, Meek Mill and other celebs.

#FirstStepAct PSA

The #cut50 team visits Washington D.C. to meet with Senators to urge them to pass the #FirstStepAct

They Threw Her Baby in the Trash

In partnership with ATTN, we bring you Pamela Winn's story.

Dignity for Incarcerated Women & Day of Empathy Campaigns

Thousands of activists around the country - like the incredible women in this video - head to state capitols and city halls to meet with lawmakers, share their experiences with the criminal justice system, and talk about restoring #Dignity

Common Joins #cut50's Dignity for Incarcerated Women Campaign

Common and his organization, Imagine Justice, are joining with #cut50 to stand up for Incarcerated Women and their Dignity.

Alicia Keys and #cut50 present: DIGNITY for Incarcerated Women

Alicia Keys teams up with formerly incarcerated women to call for dignity for America’s incarcerated women. #DignityAct #Dignityforincarceratedwomen

Dignity For Incarcerated Women

Mother's Day 2017

Van Jones talks #Dignity for Incarcerated Women

CNN interview, in conversation with Oprah and Ava Duvernay

The Voices Behind The #DignityAct

It's time to make ALL women's voices heard. There's incredible momentum right now to stop the injustices women face every day, and in 2018, we will build on that energy by changing the way we treat women in prison.

Darrington's Story

Today, Darrington works as a licensed real estate salesman and drives with Uber. He has provided thousands of rides, and receives consistently high ratings from his customers. But it wasn’t always this way. He had to overcome multiple rejections over a year to get his real estate license after serving time in prison.

Ingrid's Story

Ingrid is a mother to three girls, a grandmother, and a Proposition 47 beneficiary. 

Using Art to Amplify Voices

Artist and cultural organizer Mark Strandquist explains how he uses art-making to amplify and empower the voices of those impacted directly by the justice system. 

The Vera Institute of Justice is a nonprofit that has worked for more than five decades to transform justice systems. Vera produces ideas, analysis and research that inspire change in the systems people rely upon for safety and justice, and works in close partnership with government and civic leaders to implement it.

Learn more at:

A Ride Home From Prison | Op-Docs | The NY Times

This short Op-Doc documentary profiles a former prisoner who guides men released from life sentences in California through their first hours of freedom.

Produced by: Katie Galloway and Kelly Duane de la Vega

Read the story here:

How The Criminal Justice System Hurts Communities

Van Jones, author, political activist and commentator, talks to us about how the U.S. imprisons more people than any country, and how that's hurting our communities.

#PhoneJustice - Fighting for the Right to Call Home

"Fighting for the Right to Call Home" is the story of the Campaign for Prison Phone Justice is a national effort challenging high prison phone rates, including kickbacks to prisons from providers.

This film is dedicated to the struggle of millions of people across the country who are getting taken advantage of by predatory prison phone companies that charge exorbitant rates for a simple routine phone call. We want the stories of family members to be told in their own words and through their own experiences. 

The campaign is jointly led by the Media Action Grassroots Network, Working Narratives, Prison Legal News and diverse civil and human rights organizations. The campaign is also working with Participant Media as part of the social action campaign for Ava DuVernay's film Middle of Nowhere. 

We are advocating across the country for those entities that have authority over the rates to lower them where they are not reasonable. The Federal Communications Commission started a process to consider lowering interstate long distance rates in December 2012, and some states and local jurisdictions also have begun to look at local and intrastate rates. We want fair rates for all prison phone calls, and we support social justice organizations mobilizing at the state and local level to encourage action that will reduce the cost of local and in-state long distance prison phone calls.

For more information visit:
Campaign for Prison Phone Justice 
Follow us on twitter through the hashtag #phonejustice

Short Film Info:
Produced by Line Break Media (
Music by Big Quarters (

They Call Us Monsters Official -

Directed by: Ben Lear
They Call Us Monsters Official Trailer 1 (2016) - Documentary

In this fascinating, deeply human exploration of the blurring line between childhood and adulthood, Antonio, Juan, and Jarad, all teenagers between 14 and 16, face decades in adult prison. To pass the time, they sign up for a screenwriting class and collaborate on a short film about their lives. What immediately becomes clear is that while the gravity of their alleged crimes haunts every frame, these young men are still simply teenagers. Do they deserve a second chance? The question is a societal conundrum beyond legislation and data. To their advocates, they're kids. To the system, they're adults. To their victims, they're monsters.

What do crime survivors really want? || Survivors for Safety and Justice

The original content was created by Survivors for Safety and Justice -

Trans Woman Ashley Diamond Fights for Prison Reform in Georgia

Ian speaks with transgender woman Ashley Diamond, who endured abuse in a male prison and had no access to her hormone treatments.

Prisoner Re-entry: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Former offenders face enormous obstacles once they leave prison. John Oliver sits down with Bilal Chatman to discuss the challenges of reentering society.

“I miss my son. I miss him so much." Venida Browder, mother

We Are Witnesses is an upcoming video project created by The Marshall Project that gives voice to Americans whose lives have been entangled with the criminal justice system.

Our Children Deserve Our Empathy. Project Empathy - Children in Adult Prisons

Jamie Wong speaks with Johnny Perez and Juan Roldan about children in adult prisons, Raise the Age and the effects of charging and sentencing kids as adults. Director: Jamie Wong Director of Photography: Travis Fox Camera and Editor: Jennifer Hamblett Editorial Producer: Lori Kozlowski

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